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Prelude Farm and Kennel 613-382-1123

Gananoque Ontario 

Stevelander Charity Art

 On October 28th, 2007 the world lost a wonderful son, brother, partner, uncle, friend, co-worker, teacher and photographer. Steven Swartwood died of cancer in his 40th year, long before the world realized what an exceptional talent he had. With his camera, he could capture the peace and beauty of nature, the reflection of the artist, the angst of protesters and the hypocrisy in government. In turn, he could make you think, feel, yearn and wonder at the world around you. After Steve's death we came across more and more of the wonderful photographs we had only seen a small sampling of while he was alive.

(just a few of the many pieces available)

Rather that let these beautiful images slip away we hope to promote them and through the sale of his works we hope to not only help support the charities he believed in and the school he worked for and took such great pride in, but also to allow his friends to have a piece of art with which to remember him for all time.

All the profits raised from the sale of his artwork will be divided amoung the following charities:

"SMARTS" Students Motivated by the ARTS program ( )

Throughout his University days Steve was an instructor with the Students Motivated By The Arts Program (SMARTS) at the University Of Youngstown in Ohio where he taught photography classes to students at risk.

The Autism Society of America ( )

He was also very active in supporting the Autism Society of America and walked yearly along side his family for this charity.

The American Cancer Society ( )

Please help support the cause to stamp out this terrible disease who has taken so many loved ones already.

In working with Steve’s art we have been able to see much more of our brother then we ever knew existed and surrounding ourselves with it has brought us much peace and comfort as well as laughs and amazement. We hope that you too will find the same peace and wonderment.

We will be continually adding to the works available as I continue to catalogue the materials he left behind. I also hope to make it more accessible through the internet so it will be easily available to the general public. I will also be taking it to shows, galleries and select retail outlets in the near future. The SMARTS Center will have works available directly from the school where a permanent collection of Steve’s work is now on display.

Please feel free to contact us with a description of any of Steve’s photographs found on the web, CD or brochure and can be made available for ordering. Custom framing, matting and cropping can also be done. Net profits from the sale of his works goes directly to the charity of your choice or can be spread amoung the three named above.

Many of the photographs have related shots that make great collections and all you need to do is ask and we will send them to you for viewing. Feel free to contact us at the numbers below.

Once again, my personal thanks and my families gratitude for your support of Steve. May you have great memories to hold him close as we do.

With our sincere thanks,

David (Steve's big brother)

Contact us at [email protected] or 613-382-1123 for ordering or more information